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Heavy Temple

Evil Honey from a Magic Mountain

“Chassit” is a powerful offering from HEAVY TEMPLE. This is a literary concept without pretension, and psychedelia without getting lost in a haze of musical tangents. And of course this is doom metal with enough heaviness to satisfy established fans, and enough musical textures to engage those who might usually shy away from the genre.

[ …It’s cool they’re playing the Decibel Metal and Beer Fest in Philly, and it’s cool they’re doing Grim Reefer in Baltimore, but it’s easy to imagine them really making an impression as well at SXSW and that’s only going to help them in the longer run. You can see the art for their American Red Ale  — it’s called “In the Court of the Bastard King” — and mark your calendar appropriately for the tour dates. …] – Heavy Temple Announce Tour Dates & Beer Collaboration; taken from –

We've pared down our merch considerably, but we're always looking for more ideas. Anything y'all wanna see on the t…
about 10 months ago | @heavytemple

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"Key & Bone" Featured in Lucifer Rising - Life After Death

Watch "KEY AND BONE" - ft. Lucifer Rising

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